Media and Literature in Multilingual Hungary 1770–1820 (ReKonf ‧ 3)

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Ágnes Dóbék, Gábor Mészáros and Gábor Vaderna, eds. Media and Literature in Multilingual Hungary 1770–1820. Reciti Konferenciakötetek 3. Budapest: reciti, 2019.

The period covered in this volume was particularly important in Hungarian cultural history regarding the interactions of print media with other social and cultural formations. The expansion of the market of media products was accompanied by the acceleration of social communication and the broadening of its participant base. Weekly newspapers and periodicals published only a few times a year followed international patterns. As new reading habits and editorial-authorial roles emerged, an increasing number of people took advantage of the new opportunities to publish. Some newspapers and periodicals published political and economic news, while in other outlets more space was devoted to publications focusing on scientific, medical, and agricultural topics. As scientific and educational texts had to make up for the deficiencies of public education, many periodicals published historical portraits and descriptions of historical events, but astrological, geographical, botanical, and zoological announcements, too. Thus, the majority of the newspapers and periodicals both served as a means of communication among scholars and as a frequent forum for enlightened national endeavours. Essays in this collection reveal the cultural dynamism of multilingual media in the Hungarian Kingdom, as well as the centrality of the press to our understanding of the period from 1770 to 1820.

Reciti Conference Books publishes proceedings of conferences organized by the Institute for Literary Studies of the Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. It aims at promoting diverse methodological approaches to the analysis of texts and contexts from the Renaissance to contemporary literature and culture.


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Media and Literature in Multilingual Hungary

Edited by:
Ágnes Dóbék
Gábor Mészáros
Vaderna Gábor

Reciti Conference Books ‧ 3
Edited by:
Zsuzsa Török

Proof readers:
Bernhard Heiller
Thomas Edward Hunter
Andrew C. Rouse

Supported by the “Lendület” (“Momentum”) program of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
“Literary Culture in Western Hungary, 1770–1820” Research Group


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Institute for Literary Studies of the Research Centre for the Humanities,
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