The Hungarian government to suppress the independence of the Academy of Sciences

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Hungarian Academy Staff Forum (HASF)

The ADF (Aka­dé­mi­ai Dol­go­zók Fó­ru­ma = HASF in Eng­lish) is a ci­vil ini­ti­a­tive of the re­se­ar­chers from the re­se­arch ins­ti­tu­te net­work at the Hun­ga­ri­an Aca­demy of Sci­en­ces (HAS). The Hun­ga­ri­an govern­ment is int­ro­du­cing a new sys­tem of re­se­arch fi­nanc­ing, in a way which in itself cont­ra­dicts the app­rop­ria­te man­ners of po­li­cy mak­ing, and which, af­ter imp­le­men­ta­ti­on, will have di­sast­rous ef­fects on the au­to­nomy of sci­en­ti­fic re­se­arch and scho­lars­hip in the en­ti­re count­ry as well as our work and life al­to­get­her. Gi­ven that our vo­i­ce has not been he­ard eit­her in pub­lic or du­ring the neg­o­ti­a­tions bet­ween the HAS and the govern­ment, this ini­ti­a­tive is me­ant to exp­ress our opin­ions abo­ut the si­tu­a­ti­on and the whole process.

Sum­ma­ry of the situation


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