Nicolaus Olahus: Epistulae. Pars Ⅰ. 1523–1533

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Olahus, Nicolaus. Epistulae: 1523–1533. Edidit, introduxit et commentariis instruxit Emőke Rita Szilágyi. 1. Bibliotheca Scriptorum Medii Recentisque Ævorum. Series Nova 19. Budapest: reciti, 2018.

Miklós Oláh (1493–1568) is one of the most prominent humanists of the 16th century. Apart from his literary activity (book of letters, historical works, and poems), his fame is based on his political and ecclesiastical career. He reformed the operations of the Hungarian Royal Chancellery, and his patronage, book collection, and organizational talent made him well-known far and wide. After the battle of Mohács, he left Hungary and spent the 1530s years in the Netherlands on the side of Queen Mary of Habsburg, where he grounded his latter career. The current volume is publishing the critical edition of his early correspondence: from the beginning to the end of 1533 when he had already fitted to the life in Brussels. According to the plans, two other volumes will be published of his later correspondences. This volume will be available free of charge both in printed and in pdf format. What is more, the printed version will be followed by an online version as well, and so letters that may potentially surface later can be added to the online edition.


Bibliotheca Scriptorum Medii Recentisque Aevorum (BSMRÆ)


A sorozat célja elsősorban a középkori és kora újkori magyarországi és magyar vonatkozású latin nyelvű irodalom emlékeinek hozzáférhetővé tétele a tudományos kutatás számára. Juhász László alapította 1930-ban, irányításával 1946-ig 39 kötete jelent meg. A sorozat 1976-ban indult újra (Series Nova), szerkesztője Pirnát Antal és Szörényi László. 1992-től Szörényi László Pajorin Klárával, 2006-tól Békés Enikővel. 2009-től Déri Balázs szerkesztésében alsorozat indult Monumenta Ritualia Hungarica címmel, a középkori magyar liturgikus hagyomány emlékeinek megjelentetésére.

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Nicolaus Olahus
Epistulae: 1523–1533

Pars Ⅰ

Edidit, introduxit et commentariis instruxit:
Emőke Rita Szilágyi

Manuscriptum praesentis voluminis examinaverunt:
Enikő Békés
Gabriel Bolonyai
David Faragó
Stephanus Fazekas
Petrus Kasza
Bence Péterfi

Praefationem et commentarios in anglicum transtulit
Réka Futász

The publication of the present volume
has been sponsored and supported by:
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Literary Studies
(HAS, Research Centre for the Humanities)

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according to the conditions of the
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Hungary License
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ISBN 978- 615-5478-62-8
ISBN 978-615-5478-61-1 (pdf)

Published by r e c i t i,
content provider of the Institute for Literary Studies
at the Research Center for the Humanities,
Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
Editio princeps: 2018



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