The difficulty of reading “drawings of light” and images. An unusual review – by Balázs Devescovi

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Ros­ti., ed. Éva Fisli – Be­at­rix Len­gyel. Bu­da­pest: Ma­gyar Nem­ze­ti Mú­ze­um, 2021.

In 1858, Gusz­táv Kelety (called Klet­te at the time) crea­ted an oil paint­ing of his ten-year-old stu­dent, Lo­ránd Eöt­vös, who la­ter be­came a fa­mous phy­si­cist. Pre­sum­ably du­ring the 1850s or 1860s, and pos­sibly at the re­quest of his student’s father, Jó­zsef Eöt­vös, he crea­ted a whole se­ri­es of wa­ter­colo­urs de­pic­ting Ba­ron Eötvös’s vil­la in Sváb­hegy (Swa­bi­an Hill) and its sur­round­ing area. The Eöt­vös fa­mily, as well as Ágos­ton Trefort’s fa­mily, used to spend the war­mer part of the year here bet­ween May and Oc­to­ber.
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