The difficulty of reading “drawings of light” and images. An unusual review – by Balázs Devescovi

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Rosti., ed. Éva Fisli – Beatrix Lengyel. Budapest: Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum, 2021.

In 1858, Gusztáv Kelety (called Klette at the time) created an oil painting of his ten-year-old student, Loránd Eötvös, who later became a famous physicist. Presumably during the 1850s or 1860s, and possibly at the request of his student’s father, József Eötvös, he created a whole series of watercolours depicting Baron Eötvös’s villa in Svábhegy (Swabian Hill) and its surrounding area. The Eötvös family, as well as Ágoston Trefort’s family, used to spend the warmer part of the year here between May and October.
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